Go Kart Track Swakopmund

Track and Racing

With no clutch or gears to worry about, there is no motor sport vehicle easier to drive than a go-kart. The brake is on the left and the accelerator is on the right.
Our German made Karts are powered by 200cc 4-stroke Honda engines and are able to produce 6.5 HP. The karts have racing slicks all around to grip the track, and full form racing seats to grip you in the turns. Maximum speed is over 70km/h. Go-Karts are very near to the ground which increases the sensation for speed. Speed on the straight isn’t what will thrill you most. The high cornering speed and g-force is exhilarating.
Karting is an family oriented, relatively safe sport that is enjoyed both by the young and not so young alike. We have quite a few good male and female drivers. You do not have to wear a special uniform but you must wear a helmet.

On your first time out there are a few things to remember:
The brake is there for a reason! It’s your first try at karting. You won’t be used to handling karts and you won’t be used to the track so don’t go too fast… take it easy, only build up speed as you get more experienced.

If you approach a corner you should drive from the outside to the inside and then the outside again. This is called the ideal line. Shown as below: