Go Kart Track Swakopmund

Rules and Safety



While riding the go-karts the following rules must be obeyed by each person:

1) Ride at your own risk; we reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone.

2) You must be 10 years old and 54 inches ( 1.4meters ) tall to drive our karts.

3) Helmets must be worn at all times and must be properly fastened. You will get one in the briefing area.

4) Keep both hands on the wheel at all times. Arms, legs & feet are to remain in the kart.

5) Hair longer than shoulder length must be tied up with clips or rubber bands.

6) All loose clothing must be secured. Open-toed footwear is allowed, but it is easier to drive with closed shoes. We have shoes available. You can get them in the briefing area.

7) No smoking in karts and in pit area.

8) Do not exit or enter pit area until instructed.

9) Drinking and driving is not allowed.

10) During the race, follow the instructions given through flags (see below)


12) While on track: Stay in kart at all times. If for any reason your kart should shut down while out on the course you must REMAIN IN THE KART and raise your hand !!

13) Enter and exit the pits slowly

14) Do not step on the brake and the accelerator at the same time.

15) Be aware of touching the engine or exhaust pipe, they are hot.

 If these rules are disobeyed the rider will lose go-kart privileges and will be excluded from the karts. No refunds.


Yellow Flag: This is a signal of danger. It usually means that a kart ahead may have spun. Slow down, watch out and do NOT overtake

Red Flag: Stop as quickly as possible and in a safe manner, stay in the kart and wait for instructions.

Black Flag: Go to Pit, Penalty or faulty equipment. Leave track with caution.

Blue Flag: When this flag is shown it means a faster kart is close behind. Keep driving but keep your racing line and be ready to let him/her go by.

Finish Flag: End of the race.



Age Policy

Kids must be at least 10 years old and 140 cm’s tall to be able to drive. They must be accompanied by an adult. Signing in by parent or guardian is required.

Junior drivers (13-17 yrs):  Signing in by parent or guardian is required..

Proof of age will be required if there is any doubt. Any driver aged 18 or under must be signed in by their parent or guardian. If you wish to bring someone else’s child to our track, you must first get their parent or guardian to complete our Parental Consent form (AVAILABLE FROM THE COUNTER). This form authorizes you to act “in loco parentis” and to make any and all decisions as to the suitability of the activity for the child. We will then require you to countersign our registration form for that child. If in any doubt, please call us.

Alcohol Policy: Don’t drink & drive

R&R Karting operates a strict alcohol and drug policy. If we have any doubt as to any driver’s ability to drive, or believe that any driver may be under the influence of either drink or drugs, we will not permit that person to drive. Please note that we will not refund or waive any fees paid or owing in the event that we disqualify a driver for the above reasons. Please help us to keep the circuits and our customers safe.

Our Protective Clothing

Every driver at R&R Karting wears a full-face race helmet just like professional race drivers wear.

Our Marshals

All our duty managers and marshals are fully trained in procedure and supervision of on track activities. At all times there is at least one marshal in attendance who is qualified in first aid.

Download indemnity form HERE