Go Kart Track Swakopmund

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The R&R stands for Rik and Roos. The founding members of the Go-Kart track in Swakopmund. We came from The Netherlands to Namibia in 2007 to built Namibia’s first outdoor rental Go Kart Track in Namibia. Rik had been in the Go kart sport already for many years and Roos got to know this exciting sport in 2001, when she met Rik. From then on she was also hooked. Since then Rik has opened a new go kart track in Windhoek and is at this moment operating there. Roos has continued the Track in Swakopmund from 2010 onwards. Building the Go Kart Track is something I will never regret! Now I definitely understand the phrase: ‘’You will regret the things you didn’t do and not the ones you did do’’! Seeing people stepping out of a go kart all smiling and happy makes me thrilled.


pic 521 Roos

IMG_2995 Jeremia Shipahu

SONY DSCCarel Koegelenberg, Mechanic & Rebekka Nyandi

immanuel Immanuel Kayoo

Image0474 Tobias Martin, Guard & Marshall

rebekka go kart Rebekka Nyandi

SONY DSC Jeroen & Roos

SONY DSC Staff December