Go Kart Track Swakopmund

Wild at heart: 90 years and still going strong!

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Unbelievable Mr. Spangenberg (Sakkie)!

Last weekend we had the honor to welcome Mr. Spangenberg, alias ”SuperSakkie90”, on our track. With 90 years he stepped in one of the go karts as if it was nothing, he challenged his entire family and drove around the track in a astonishing 1 min.01 sec.!! He is now the eldest driver on our track ever!! Thanks for your visit to the track. Keep up the Speedy Gonzales in you! Hope to see you again!

Phoenix Bike Rally 2016: 26-28 Augustus!!

During the weekend of 26 – 28 August, the Ventulus MCC Namibia will host the annual Phoenix Bike Rally at the Go Kart Track in Swakopmund. The event, of which most of the highlights will take place on Saturday the 27nd of August, will let the heart of riders beat faster with all the traditional motorcycle spectacle that comes with a bike rally, but also promises to be a day out for the entire family with all there is to see and to do.

Last year we had dragraces, burnouts and games for bikers. But even for the people without a bike there was loads of entertainment in the form of a Stuntplane, Parachutejumps, 2-stroke go kart demonstrations, firespinners, Bodypainters, dancers and so much more.

“Off course a bike rally is a real biker’s gathering, but both the club and the Go Kart Track are aiming to make the event an entertaining experience for everyone” says Ventulus MCC President Hugo Smit. “There is a lot to do on and around the race track. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old. It does not even matter if you like motorcycles. The atmosphere on a Bike Rally is relaxed and friendly, kids can play and so can the adults on their bikes or on the go karts, actually.”

For bikers there is a weekend-entry-fee of N$150.00 which includes a badge. Day visitors pay N$50.00 to enter the venue. For more details on the rally you can call the following number: 081-3408021

Hope to see you on the 27th!!!


Congratulations to Gisela Knupp: with 83 years the oldest driver ever on our track

Gisela Knupp 83 years!!

With a best laptime of 1.min.23 sec Gisela Knupp has established herself over the festive season 2015 as the oldest driver ever on our track in Swakopmund. She won a big trophy and a free ride on our track. Well done Gisela, you were awesome!!!!!

New Lap record by Clinton Bezuidenhout: 34.63 sec!

Clinton Bezuidenhout has broken the laprecord on 30th December 2015 with a staggering

34.63 Seconds